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Why A Provisional Patent Application?

The U.S. has "first-to-file" patent laws. This means that whoever files a patent application first gets any potential patent rights, even if they did not invent it first. Thus, timing is very critical.

Most patent experts agree that the most important "first step" in protecting your invention is to prepare and file a provisional patent application. It is also the quickest and cheapest way to start the patenting process.

Companies do not buy ideas. They buy patented or "Patent Pending" inventions.

If you talk about your invention publicly without first filing a provisional application, you lose the ability to get any potential patent rights in most foreign countries. An application must be filed first.

If you discuss your invention to anyone (public disclosure), the U.S. Patent Laws give you one (1) year to file a patent application. If an application is not filed within 1 year, you lose your right to file for a patent.

After filing a provisional patent application, your invention is immediately "PATENT PENDING." This allows you to talk about your invention to others without worrying that they will steal your idea. You can discuss your invention without a confidentiality agreement and hire a company to make a prototype.

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The median cost of a provisional patent application handled by a patent attorney is $4000, according to AIPLA 2017 Economic Survey of Law Firms. Our service is a flat fee of $899 (plus patent office filing fee of $140 or $70 for qualified inventors).


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